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Posted on January 30, 2017 at 8:25 PM


YES, I am calling you out!  When You ask for a quote please understand a few things and please do not take offense to anything said.

1.  That does not include me coming in 4 or 5 times for the same price.  

2.  The instructions are simple.  Unless I CHOOSE to come in multiple times, which I will tell you, the price will include me coming in to start it, such as windows (depending on how dirty they are).  The next time I come in all work on the inside should be completed.  This includes carpet, paint, electrical,  and other miscellaneous tasks.  

3.  I expect to be the last one backing out.  The next set of foot prints that walk through the property should be the realator and the potential renter / homeowner.  If you decide to go into the property to do work afterwards and you would like for me to come in and clean behind there is an extra charge for this.  If I come and the property is  not ready to be cleaned there will be a trip charge for this. When I place you on my calendar to come to do a total house clean, I have set aside that day for you.  I cannot work around 10 people in a house trying to complete the project and all of my efforts are gone to waste.

Please know that I am there to help you sell your home and you hire me to come in to do a job.  Now, it certainly would not make any sense if I came in to clean only for it to be dirtied by other people only for you to have to clean it up again.  With that being said, just clean up behind yourselves.  But also know that I WILL WORK WITH YOU.  I am not heartless, I just dont like doing things twice.  Time is of the essence and I am one for working smart, not hard!!

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